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Children in Worship

This, this is where children belong,
Welcomed as part of the worshiping throng.
Water, God’s Word,
bread and cup, prayer and song:
This is where children belong.
— James Ritchie
© Abingdon Press, admin. By the Copyright Co.

Our nursery is located on the second floor in room 208, and is available for the following ages:


8:30am Worship — infants through pre-Kindergartners

9:45am Education Hour — infants to two-year-olds

*two-year-olds and up are invited to join us for Sunday School

11am Worship — infants through two-year-olds

Preschoolers & Kindergartners are invited to Playful Praise

Playful Praise

Playful Praise is a worship opportunity for preschoolers and kindergarteners during the 11am worship service (school year schedule) . Children should sit with their parents at the beginning of worship. Following the children’s sermon, they will move to their classroom. Parent pick-up in room 202.

Girl Drawing

Children and Communion

In the United Methodist tradition, children of all ages are encouraged to participate in Holy Communion. All of us, including children, can experience God’s love and grace through the Lord’s Supper. The decision regarding when a child may first receive communion lies primarily with the parents. If the child is not participating in communion, parents are encouraged to bring them forward and to request a blessing from the pastors. If you have questions, please contact the pastoral staff for more information.
When you come forward to receive communion, the server will hand you the bread or wafer.  You will then dip the bread into the juice (be careful not to get your fingers in there too!). You may want to say “Amen” or “Thanks be to God”  as a response to God’s gift!

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