Youth Ministries

All youth ages 6th through 12th grade are welcome to our Youth Ministry programs. The Mission of our Youth Ministry is to be a supportive community for all youth, equipping them to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, growing beyond themselves carrying the love of Christ into the world, serving others now and in the future.


We believe in the importance of growing as disciples of Christ through engaging discussions, activities, worship, service, and interpreting scripture, and we have fun while living the disciple’s life. We strive for an open and safe environment that is welcoming to all and appreciate that we all come from diverse backgrounds.


The youth at Plainfield UMC are a family in Christ. Youth and adults strive to hold each other accountable and grow together as followers of Jesus. If you have questions or would like more information about the PUMC Youth Ministries or activities, please contact the church office via email or by calling 815-436-9651.

You're Invited!

Youth Group - 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 6:30PM to 8PM

September through May, all youth are invited to Youth Group on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 6:30PM to 8PM. A typical Sunday night’s Youth Gathering is based on the “bread and butter” of youth ministry: food, fun, and fellowship. Each Sunday night provides youth light-hearted occasions to laugh, learn, and grow. Junior High Youth (grades 6 to 8) and Senior High Youth (grades 9 to 12) meet together for about 15 minutes for a brief mixer/message and then they separate for fellowship time. In addition to Youth Group, we have an additional fun outing or service project each month. Check out the weekly enews or the church calendar for the most up-to-date information.


Senior High Coffee House - First Sunday of the month at 6PM to 8PM

All Senior High Youth (grades 9 to 12) are invited on the first Sunday of the month at 6PM to 8PM in Friendship Hall! Stop in for coffee, hot cocoa, tea, snacks, games, music, and more!

Youth Mission Trip 2022 – July 17 to July 23

We plan to travel to JOSHUA in Steubenville, OH to help the residents there with rehab work on the homes of those who cannot afford to pay for it themselves. We will also be serving at the community kitchen, food pantry, and community garden.

Youth Mission Trip 2022 generic copy.jpg

We invite the congregation to support our mission work by donating any amount. You can contribute by writing a check to Plainfield UMC and indicate “2022 Mission Trip” in the memo or you can donate electronically by clicking here. Be sure to select “Youth Mission Trip” from the menu under the “Fund” section. Your contribution is tax deductible. Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers!

Values Statement


  1. Time – We commit to building relationships with our youth by spending both quality and quantity time with them.

  2. Love – We commit to relating to our youth by loving them unconditionally, cheerfully, and faithfully, and expressing that love in appropriate ways.

  3. Prayer – We commit to faithfully praying for and with our youth and their families.

  4. Mentoring – We commit to investing in our youth by mentoring them through their questions of faith and daily experiences in “one-on-one” or small group settings.



  1. Equipping – We commit to equipping our youth to help them grow spiritually and to lead healthy, wise and meaningful lives.

  2. Modeling – We commit that in order to inspire our youth, we must be passionate followers of Jesus Christ and consistently live healthy, wise, and meaningful lives.

  3. Challenging – We commit that in order to inspire our youth, we must challenge them to live for Christ with all of their hearts and to join us in taking “faith-filled risks” for Christ.​



  1. Mobilizing – We create opportunities for them to participate in worship, serve the Church, and express their faith in specific, tangible acts of service, particularly to those in need.

  2. Launching – We commit that in order to ignite our youth and properly “launch” them into their future, we must prepare them for service to God, life’s challenges, for healthy relationships, and for leadership.

  3. Service – We help our youth discover their gifts and talents, exploring how they can apply them in service to others.


Things We Want Every Youth to Know

  1. This is a safe zone. All are welcomed, all are loved without regard for: LGBTQ identity, physical or mental ability, ethnic heritage, immigration status or socio-economic standing.

  2. There is always room for you.

  3. Come as often as your schedule allows.

  4. There are no requirements of faith.

  5. We are here to support you, comfort you, challenge you and accompany you on your life journey.

  6. This is a judgement free zone – JUST BE YOU!