Sunday School

Growing in Faith

We encourage children and youth to set aside this hour each week to grow in knowledge and faith! Classes meet from 9:45-10:45 am on Sunday mornings. Our outstanding volunteer staff members undergo a background check and receive training to prepare them for the classroom. Special attention is given to the variety of learning styles. Children with special needs are joyfully welcomed!

Classes use curriculum resources to explore the Bible and our faith tradition through stories, games, art, music, drama, and fellowship. Classes participate in hands-on learning opportunities and mission projects to deepen their understanding. Each year, the Sunday School Program adopts a special mission project and all offering collected during Sunday School supports this project.

Toddler Class

For children who are two years old by September 1st of the current school year. During the hour, children interact with classmates and their teachers, learn new faith words and exciting Bible stories, and discover that church is a fun and loving place to be. Children take home Bible story cards so that parents can join in the learning process.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten

For children who are three or four by September 1st of the current school year. In these classes, children hear simple stories from the Bible, sing and move to Bible verses, pray simple prayers, experience the love of the church, and express wonder at God’s world.

Top View of Kids Playing

Kindergarten & First Grade

In these early elementary classes, children build relationships with caring adults who model Christian attitudes and behaviors. They sing familiar hymns and learn Bible verses, hear simple Bible stories, pray together, learn to help others, and experience belonging at church.

Happy Kids with Books

Second Grade Class and Third Grade Class

These classes encourage kids to use their reading and emerging critical thinking skills to delve deeper into the Bible and begin to formulate questions about their faith. Third graders receive a Bible as a gift at the beginning of the year and learn how to use the text to nurture their growing faith and sense of community.

Elementary Classroom

Fourth Grade Class and Fifth Grade Class

At this age, children have the opportunity to apply the stories of the Christian faith to how they live and their relationship with God. They begin to learn more about our scriptures and about Bible times. They are encouraged to make connections between the stories and traditions of our faith and their own lives.


Junior High / Pre-Confirmation Class
(Sixth and Seventh Grade)

This class covers an overview of the Bible, exploring key basics of faith and engaging “tweens” so that the material is memorable and relevant to their lives. This class prepares students for the confirmation process and for developing their own faith.

Smiling Student

Eighth Grade Confirmation Class

Confirmation is open to all 8th graders and is the continuation of a young person’s lifelong faith journey. The full commitment for the confirmation process involves Sunday morning classes at 9:45 am from September 11 to May 21 and several other activities, such as a retreat, service project, and visits to places of Christian worship beyond our own Methodist tradition, as well as Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist places of worship. Confirmation taps into the roots of Christian faith and tradition and sprouts forth new life as Christians living in 21st century North America.

Girl in Classroom

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